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How do you review your mistakes to ensure you don't make them again?

logicfiendlogicfiend Alum Member
edited January 2015 in General 118 karma
Hi everyone,

I'm a retaker hoping to sit for the June test. I work full-time, but I'm usually able to devote around 2 hours of studying after work each day and then multiple hours (5 to 6) on both weekend days. Even just studying for the test again, I can see that after hours of studying, I'm getting a better command of the material than I had before.

The one problem that I've noticed and can't really understand how to fix is identifying why I got a problem wrong and knowing how to avoid the mistake in the future, speaking only really about Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning.

I'm looking for patterns (I know they're there!), but I can't seem to make sure I don't get an Inference question wrong on RC again on the next practice section, for example.

I know the strategy depends on the person, but In general, how do you go through your mistakes and what do you do to really understand what went wrong for a question? Sorry if this thread already exists, but any help would be appreciated!
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