Helpful little method for Str / Wkn questions and helpful technique for BR

MarkmarkMarkmark Alum Member

Here's my trick for recognizing the right AC in Str / Wkn questions and a helpful method in BR too. Take an argument (P + C) then say BUT... then read the AC. For example,

Weakener: "Bob is a dancer. He must be good at dancing. BUT ___ (a survey says Bob is the worst dancer in history)." The AC fits pretty well and reads more easily.

The same works for a strengthener, just add AND... "JY is pretty smart thus he must be totally awesome :D AND ___... he won the Nobel Peace Prize." See? Adding But or And makes the AC read more smoothly.

This is really helpful for me in Str / Wkn questions, I just say "ok this was P, this is C, And / But...AC" and often the right AC is much easier to see.

In BR this technique helps me turn wrong ACs into right ones and vice versa, and after BRing a question like this I feel much more confident in my understanding of the ACs and the question as a whole.


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