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Thank you 7Sage! (my journey from LSAT to attorney)

dodgydavedodgydave Free Trial Member

I decided to make a career switch in my mid 20s, and decided on law school. My diagnostic LSAT was in the 150s, and was not improving after using a couple different books. I saw great reviews for 7Sage and decided "why not give this a shot?". I saw drastic improvements after only 2 months (keep in mind I was working full-time, going to graduate school part-time, and never felt I had enough time to study). Eventually, after about 6 months, I reached a peak of 174 on a PT. I managed a 170 on the real thing, which wasn't enough to get me into my dream school but still landed me a spot at a T-20 with a 75% scholarship. During bar prep, I supplemented my prep with 7Sage MBE. Again I was working full-time and studying became a pain, but the MBE questions provided me a great opportunity to squeeze in practice questions during breaks or as a refresher after waking up. I recently found out that I achieved a score enough for any UBE jurisdiction (and then some). Work hard, trust the process, and you can achieve your dreams!


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