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Applying in October with one score then updating score on application after november test?

pgv2013pgv2013 Alum Member

Is there any issue with the strategy above? Vanderbilt is my dream school and I have to apply before Nov 15 in order to get an interview (which they recommend) but with how LG went last weekend I'm thinking I can definitely score higher on the Nov LSAT. Should I write an addendum if my score is a tad low and say I plan to take the test again in November and that I was a first time test taker on the sep exam?


  • Kristen RKristen R Member
    24 karma

    Hi! I'm in the same boat as you!! I will be applying binding to Vanderbilt when I get my September score back, but I'm nervous about how the games went as well. I'm taking the October test in hopes that will show improvement.

    Personally, I've been warned that writing an addenda about your score can sound like you're making excuses. I don't think that's a blanket statement, but I'd just be sure to watch your tone in it. If I don't like my score I plan on notifying an admissions counselor that I will be taking it again and will keep her updated.

    Best of luck to you, hopefully I'll see you in Nashville!

  • pgv2013pgv2013 Alum Member
    59 karma

    Thanks for the reply!! Best of luck to you as well!!

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