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Law School Look at Degree GPA or Cumulative GPA?

So on the LSAC report my Cumulative GPA is higher than Degree GPA, because I transferred from one college to another after my Sophomore year. Any idea which one the law school admissions will look at? Thanks!

Which GPA will admissions look at
  1. Which GPA data will admission officers look at?25 votes
    1. Degree GPA
    2. Cumulative GPA


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    They'll look at your LSAC GPA which is a number that they generate themselves. They do this because different schools calculate GPA a little differently, and there really needs to be a standard that everyone is following. Your LSAC GPA will be based on your CGPA though, so that is the one you want to look at. To get a good idea of what your LSAC GPA is likely to be, you can use this calculator to generate an estimate:

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