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I dream about LGs every night!!

in General 242 karma

Im well past 100 hours of studying. I keep having crazy dreams about the puzzles!!!! Anyone else??? LOL

November or BUST!!


  • nycgal90nycgal90 Alum Member
    149 karma

    Haha yes that would happen to me!! And oddly it would be combined with a show or something I watched the night I would wake up in the middle of the night with my brows furrowed, thinking about this Game of Thrones logic game...and then it realizing I made it up!

  • Lolo1996Lolo1996 Member
    498 karma

    LOL I'm past 1000 hours of studying. I also had nightmares about LG, I think from PT C or B or one of them, there was a game about clowns, and it was haunting me. I also have dreams about scoring a 140. It's terrible really. But, this will all come in handy when we are asked to find whether it is A or B that cannot go into slot 2 in law school.

    Sarcasm aside, LG is my best section, and its the most learnable section - in that, hard work pays off.

  • washindawashinda Alum Member
    50 karma

    Lolo1996 you have around 45 days of studying I think its time to take the test...

    162 karma

    LOL I thought it was just me!!!

    I have dreams every night, and I would say 50% of them are LG and I would be viciously trying to place game pieces. Like I would spend a whole night just solving one game.

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