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Are LSAT-India PTs similar to US-based LSAC PTs?

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Hi all,

Anyone know if the LSAT-India PTs are similar in flavor, level of difficulty, etc., to the US-based LSAC PTs? Please humor my ignorance. I know nothing about these. All thoughts are welcome.

For anyone else interested, LSAT-India PTs 1-6 are available for free here:


  • Lucas CarterLucas Carter Alum Member
    edited November 2019 2798 karma

    A few of them contain sections with only 4 answer choices. Those ones are unrepresentative for obvious reasons, but, I found the other ones to be useful. LR requires you to analyze arguments in a similar manner, LG forms are the same with some expected twists, and RC was RC.

    Difficulty is subjective. I found them to be between 90-95% as difficult. LR felt like it was missing a "curve breaker" 5 star question that I would need to spend hours blind reviewing.

    So, I would say they are great to work with, especially for pacing. If they are truly easier, then they can be used to practice being aggressive and honing in on answering easy questions quickly and confidently.

  • ksuper1991ksuper1991 Member
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    I just took India PT2 today thanks to friends on 7Sage who told me to use it as extra study material given that I ran out of traditional PTs! I agree with @"Lucas Carter". I probably got a few more questions right on this test than I normally would. Since I ran out of material to study with, this was a good option for me. However, I would suggest using other US LSAT material first!!

  • LSATLSAT-3LSATLSAT-3 Core Member
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    Thanks @"Lucas Carter" and @ksuper1991 for your comments!

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