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Noise on test day

dcstyles51dcstyles51 Alum Member
in General 320 karma

For those of you who have taken the LSAT before, how noisy are the rooms that you take it in? Is there a lot of people making noises or is it pretty quiet? I just can't concentrate when there's a lot of noises happening at once so I wanna know if I should factor that in to my prep test.

Thank you in advance!


  • berathocamberathocam Alum Member
    164 karma

    I took the test twice (unfortunately) and I can say that the rooms were pretty quiet. But, in any case, I would advice you prepare yourself for a noisy room. Perhaps, one or two PT in starbucks or the local coffee shop or any other noisy place, just to be extra careful.

  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
    edited December 2019 796 karma

    A friend of mine’s test room had a buzzer that kept going off repeatedly. In my own instance when I took the test in July, the proctors were really distracting and talking out loud—not even whispering. So, you don’t know what will happen. But I definitely recommend practicing in distracting environments because even if you don’t have distractions on the actual thing, you might still be distracted by the pressure of test day. So taking simulated tests with distractions should help you be more focused when taking the LSAT regardless.

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