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Hey everyone,

I've been studying with 7Sage for a few weeks and I'm curious about your approach on taking notes and keeping track of your work, especially in terms of LR.

For instance, I used to BR problem sets by thinking to myself or out loud and did not take any notes. But lately I started taking detailed notes of the questions that I had trouble with in the problem sets by writing out the premise/conclusion and explanations for each AC on a Word doc. But I found this to be taking too much time (especially because I feel like I should review almost every question in the set) and I feel like it can become a bit of an overkill. I additionally draw some key diagrams that JY's using in his videos and noting down very minimal stuff, which I can easily review afterwards. But I'm not sure if I can/will review my question notes again.

I wonder if you have any recommendations on how to proceed with note taking/journaling. I would appreciate your insights!


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    I have a google sheet where I keep track of what I'm working on, and a google doc where I write down info about the questions I have trouble with, why I didn't flag a question I got wrong, why I missed a question, why I had trouble with the stimulus, etc. I wouldn't review every question but I think it's very helpful to review and explain whatever you got wrong/why you got it wrong

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    I found it really helpful to track my BR for LR in a Google spreadsheet. That way, I forced myself to review every question, even the ones I felt confident about. Doing this helped me improve a lot on LR (from -6 to -2 ish) because by forcing myself to write out my thought process for each answer choice, I brought to the surface a lot of unconscious assumptions that I made. That way, if I got an answer wrong on a question I was very confident about, I could go back to my spreadsheet and easily identify and learn from the mistake.

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