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Should I be doing the problem sets in the core curriculum under timed conditions?

Mihael K.Mihael K. Alum Member
edited February 2020 in General 76 karma

I got 7Sage about a year ago when they didn't have the timed feature layout that they have now. So before I used to do all the problem sets of each section in the curriculum in the PDF condition for as long as it took me.

I started 7Sage again about a month ago and now they have this timed condition layout for each of the problem sets.

So should I be doing the problem sets under the LSAT timed conditions (6:40 mins per 5 questions), or is it just as fine if I do it at my own pace?


  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
    796 karma

    When you're getting started, it's best not to worry about the timing and just work on perfecting your thinking process and reasoning skills. Once you've got the basics down, then you can start working on timing when you're doing full sections.

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