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How to get back into study after a long break?

radkri10radkri10 Member
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Hi everyone! I've taken 3 months break form studying after writing my first LSAT in November. I completed and submitted my application to two schools in January and I'm currently waiting for the decision. But my LSAT score (160) is not as competitive as I hoped it'd be so if I don't get accepted, I want to improve my LSAT score and reapply this cycle. As I'm waiting for the decision, I want to get the ball rolling! What are your process / tips / strategies go get back into study mode after a long break?

Before writing in November, I studied for about 8 months, working full-time. I've completed 7Sage CC, PT 31-40 for drills, and 7 PTs randomly selected from PT65-88. I've also read through LSAT Trainer last March when I started studying, and The Loophole 3 weeks before the exam.

It honestly feels like a decade ago now and I'm not sure if I should just start from the scratch (i.e. re-doing CC). My realistic goal is to hit 165-169. I'm planning to quit my job in May to focus on studying LSAT, if I get denied. And right now, I'm thinking of writing for October / November LSAT, given my personal trips & circumstances. Thank you so much in advance!


  • LogicianLogician Alum Member Sage
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    I’d take a PT to see where you stand and then plan accordingly. My guess is that you’d be scoring similarly, perhaps slightly lower? In any case I’d take a PT then revisit the cc if necessary, if not then probably back to drilling and PT’ing.

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    idk if your taking October/November, thats quite a while. I would try to go through the CC and more drills by the time you quit your job. Then after, from May to October/November, you can really PT and do a ton of timed sections. Right now, with your full time job, you can spend the time doing less, light problem sets, and mainly watching videos just to make sure you understand how to do it and approach each section. After, once you have more time you can really commit to PTing and honing your intuition.

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