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Study buddy in the West Los Angeles Area?

E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
edited September 2013 in General 377 karma
Any one prepping for the december lsat in the WLA area?


  • lsathopefullsathopeful Alum Member
    263 karma
    Hi, yes I am! What is your target score and what did you have in mind? Thanks.
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    Target score is 165. I wanted to coordinate PT and meet up to review. Its hard to find people that are following the 7sage method. I live over in West Los Angeles.
  • vickyalex48vickyalex48 Free Trial Member
    7 karma
    Eric & Missbenyamin...I am in L.A, around Ktown...I am mobile and able to meet up whenever...
    when are you thinking of meeting?
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    Vicky, We can meet in santa Mónica library once a week. They have private study rooms.
  • lsathopefullsathopeful Alum Member
    263 karma
    That sounds great! Just emailed you, Erick.
  • lozanojosephlozanojoseph Alum Member
    12 karma
    I'm taking the October Test tomorrow, but I think I will retake the December one... you can sign me up.
  • bmarci22434bmarci22434 Free Trial Member
    9 karma
    I would like to meet up as well. I'm in the Los Angeles area.
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    Check your emails.
  • jlope041jlope041 Free Trial Member
    8 karma
    Whose down for Practice test? Sometime next week or this weekend. I live near Mid city LA. I am also down to interchange LSAT tips. Anyone down?
  • jurist91jurist91 Alum Member
    2 karma
    Is anyone here in LA studying for the Feb 2014 LSAT?
  • P. StevensonP. Stevenson Free Trial Member
    edited February 2015 2 karma
    I am in the Valley studying for the February 2014 LSAT
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