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How much did your score go up after starting your PT phase?

moriarty1moriarty1 Member
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Hi all,
I’ve officially finished the curriculum (the instructional video portion) and have started the next phase of taking PTs and blind reviewing. My score has improved since starting the 7Sage course and learning from the videos, but is not where I want it to be. How much did you all see your score improve once you started taking regularly practice tests and applying what you’ve learned as opposed to when you had only had the instruction and done the practice problem sets?


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    PTs are a useful way to gauge progress, and improving your mental endurance is important, but I think most of my increases have come as a result of BR and analysis --> isolating problem areas and working on them.

    Don't get too caught up in your practice scores, use them as reference to see how you can improve and improve your understanding, which is ultimately more important. The ultimate goal of everything we're doing is to learn, and the high(er) scores are just a result of that learning/increase in understanding.

    To answer your question, not too much. The theory is important, trying to apply it all at once especially initially was too rough (at least for me).

  • EagerestBeaverEagerestBeaver Alum Member
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    My score creeped up. I finished the CC and then took and in-person course. From finishing the CC in January to taking the LSAT at the end of March, I went from a 152 to a 159 and got a 157 on the official. At that stage, I was getting better overall at everything. I was not doing a good job of diagnosing problem areas and working at those issues.

    I did not study for all of April, and began again in May, but my score kept improving into the low 160s despite doing literally nothing. That is what makes progress so difficult to track. In my case, it appeared I had knowledge in my head that just needed time to process, relax, and let itself come together. Was I any smarter in May than I was in late March? Unlikely. Don't be too concerned with the score, and be more focused on what is making that score happen.

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    I scored 162 on my first PT after the CC. But I’d say my average for the 5 PTs for the next month or so was high 150s. 9 months have passed since then, and I am currently averaging at 167/8 with a couple 170+. I currently take 1 PT per week, but there were many many weeks where I had to solely focus on an LR question type or games depending on my weakness!

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