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LSAT Flex (Will August Be Flex Too?)

fox...11fox...11 Alum Member
edited June 2020 in Test Center Reviews 50 karma

Hello everyone. With recent tests being LSAT-Flex, I wanted to find a thread that answers some questions I have in case August will also be flex. If you know of any info regarding August's test outlook, please let us known in this thread.

1) I heard some people say there's no scratch paper, is this true? IF so, how are we going to write down logic.
2) Any difficulties as far as the experience that should be known? Are we using our laptops at home? Will the mouse be able to highlight and all those features we had previously?

Any one else have questions or comments please add below :)


  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
    5244 karma

    There is scratch paper--5 sheets are allowed. It seems that some proctors were misinformed or not given this instruction during the May test. I've heard you can highlight and that LawHub is a good preview.

  • alexanderthegreat4-2-1-1alexanderthegreat4-2-1-1 Monthly Member
    465 karma

    Are you allowed to use a mouse on your computer for the July flex?

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