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RC reading source recs?

sarahisksarahisk Member
edited June 2020 in Reading Comprehension 272 karma

Do any of y'all have any recommendations for reading sources that might help with RC passages?

I've been struggling mostly with comprehending science and humanities passages, so any digital publications with similar articles would be really useful. I've heard that Scientific American is a good source, but any and all other sources (and specific articles) would be super helpful.

If there are video or podcast resources that can give some background on RC material (law, arts, science, humanities) that you'd recommend, I'd love to check those out as well!


  • Lucas CarterLucas Carter Alum Member
    2798 karma is a great source for articles!

  • J.A. BettigJ.A. Bettig Alum Member
    edited June 2020 105 karma

    Get a NYT or WSJ subscription, if you’re a student they have great deals (but even if you’re not, the introductory offers for those papers are very accessible).

  • GermanLSATtakerGermanLSATtaker Alum Member
    148 karma

    I would strongly recommend The Economist.

    124 karma

    Go on ebay and order yourself some "the economist" and "scientific american" magazines and look into buying the book Superintelligence by nick bostrom. These are hard reads and it's been helping me not doze off with extremely boring and dense reading material.

  • MarkmarkMarkmark Alum Member
    976 karma

    @"Lucas Carter" said: is a great source for articles!

    Wow I checked this out this seems perfect for rc practice!

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