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138 --> 163, 25 point increase in 1.5 years of studying, thank you 7sage!

Just wanted to post as possible inspiration and as a thank you to JY and the entire 7sage community! When I first started studying I remember seeing people post things online that claimed to not anticipate an increase of over 10 points from your initial diagnostic; know that is completely untrue. If it wasn't for my intense, I mean, INTENSE lack of desire to take a gap year I would probably skip this cycle and keep at it for the 170. The test is absolutely learnable as long as you put in the work and you have patience with your brain as it learns how to process information in the way the test writers are looking for. I will be re-testing in an attempt to solidify my score in the 90th percentile (that insane RC and 4 hours of sleep really did me in on test day LOL). But I just wanted to say congratulations to all who completed this test during such a crazy year. If you feel yourself wanting to reach out don't hesitate to message me!


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