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You Should take a PT ___ Often!

Utility BillUtility Bill Core Member
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After getting thoroughly clapped on the June LSAT (8 Points lower than my PT average), I figured many factors could've played into it. I've taken 18 PTs all-time.

For those who have taken an administered test or are close to taking their administered LSAT, how many Practice Tests have you taken and would wish to take?


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    I think it’s important to work through 60-89. But that being said, it’s best not to move on to the next PT until you have blind reviewed the PT you just took very thoroughly. Your improvements should come from the work you put into reviewing, not necessarily from taking PT after PT. So I wouldn’t move on until you have analyzed the mistakes you made and how you can fix them.

    Also, I have found taking individual sections to be more important than whole exams. Ultimately, if your section strategy isn’t solid, taking a whole PT won’t help. So instead of going through 30 PTs, I would recommend breaking up a lot of those to use as practice sections.

  • Free Trial Member
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    @MasonMason I'm curious, how many PT's did you use to study sections for? Or did you just take PT's and that's it?

  • Utility BillUtility Bill Core Member
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    @"" said:
    @MasonMason I'm curious, how many PT's did you use to study sections for? Or did you just take PT's and that's it?

    I've used numerous PTs from 1-30 to study sections and some scattered ones here. I've done the CC from 7Sage and used other resources. As for actual PTs, I've taken two in the 80s leading up to the June Flex only because I didn't want to burn through the most recent ones.

  • EagerestBeaverEagerestBeaver Alum Member
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    Depends where you are in the process. If you are BRing above 170, PT once or twice a week depending on how quickly you BR. If you are BRing below 160, there are some fundamental issues you need to work through to improve, so cranking out PTs is not the optimal strategy.

    The top comment from @The Great White Shark is correct. If you are going to PT, put that emphasis and energy in the Blind Review.

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