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Getting Worse

sydthekydsydthekyd Alum Member
in General 34 karma

Hey ya'll,

I test on Tuesday and I just PT'd the worse I've ever done... basically even with diagnostic... any tips on how to prepare for Tuesday?


  • The JudgesThe Judges Free Trial Member
    364 karma

    Don't think about it. That happened to me destroyed my confidence so badly i sucked on the test. I had to go and retake.
    One bad score doesn't define you. Think of the real thing as just another practice test.

  • 1058 karma

    It is possible that the PT you took was just a combination of your weak points. Who knows what the official test will bring your way. It could be a combination of your strengths! Like The Judges said, put it out of your mind. Recently, I experienced a large fluctuation in some PTs I took. I had gotten out of some of the habits that I have developed to help me succeed at this test. Within a week of incorporating those habits back in, I was scoring as usual again.

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