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Logic Games from PT 1-35

axbSunDevaxbSunDev Member
in Logic Games 256 karma

Hi 7Sage!

After doing my 5th Practice Test (PT 38) and doing horribly on Logic Games, I was wondering if doing and foolproofing logic games from PT 1-35 is the right course of action to improve my logic games score? Did anyone else do this? I'm sure it took a lot of time. I was planning on taking the August LSAT but my logic games score under timed conditions is horrendous.



  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
    4423 karma

    I did and it worked. I went from not being able to complete the section to usually getting it perfect, but struggling with time every once in a while after foolproofing 1-35.

    I then foolproofed newer games from exams I had already taken and continued to decrease how often I couldn't finish the section.

    1-35 took me about two months. After I somewhat improved, I started using the Pacifico method instead of printing 10 games.

    I did a section of new games every week day. I'd complete them once trying to finish in 35 minutes, but taking longer if needed. Then I watched the explanation videos. Then I did them again. If that wasn't done within 35 minutes or if I particularly struggled with an individual game, I would watch the video(s) again and repeat.

    Then I would retake the section from the last day of LG practice(I did this every week day, did PTs and blind review on Saturdays, and rested on Sundays).

    And I would also retake those from the week before.

    If in any case I couldn't complete the section in 35 minutes I watched the explanations and took the section again.

    I didn't, but you could do games from 4 weeks before too if it takes long enough.

    Don't cheat yourself. You will remember some of the correct answers, but you need to be able to prove every answer in the allowed time.

    Anyways, this works out to doing a minimum of 4 sections of games a day(1 twice and 2 other sections from a week and month before). So it is basically like a PT of just logic games every day. That takes 45 days of logic games practice with the first and last weeks being lighter. If you do that 5 days a week, it takes 9 weeks.

    I scheduled it out ahead of time in an excel document that I printed and checked off when I completed each game. I also printed 4 copies of each game and put them in two massive binders with a plastic sleeve for each game that way I only had to make copies if I was slow on a repeated section (times may have changed for this w/ the digital LSAT).

    I wouldn't push it much faster than that to avoid burning out on games. That means August 31st would be cutting it pretty close and wouldn't leave you much time to do anything other than the foolproofing and some weekend PTs.

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