Taking full-length PT or 3-part PT as practise for LSAT-FLEX?

salmabrkt19salmabrkt19 Monthly Member
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Ok, so I’ve just learned that the FLEX is only 3 parts (yay if you don’t have a lot of endurance). So far I’ve been taking full-length PT, expecting a standard LSAT. Now that it’s only 3 parts should I be taking full-length PT or 3-part ones? My original plan was to take 2 timed sections every day (varying it up with LR, RC and AL) so that I could work on my times and the actual skills in each question. Now I’m just wondering if I should be taking 3 timed sections every day (basically an LSAT flex) every day so that I get a better feel for time for the actual test while practising skills. For context, I’ve been taking Khan Academy (I ran out of problem sets there) for 2-ish months in a very lax schedule, but now I need to buckle down as I’m taking the August LSAT. What do you guys think?


  • shaybaebeeshaybaebee Alum Member
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    full length, might as well get that extra LR prep in!

  • empocratesempocrates Alum Member
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    full length! always better to be over prepared for this

  • EllegoalsEllegoals Alum Member
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    I would definitely throw in a couple of 3 section tests... the 3 section tests feel a bit different, and you want to be as prepared for the real thing as possible - if the real thing is 3 sections then be prepared for that.

    Also, doing a couple of 3 section tests forces you not to rely on the second LR section. For me, I would usually score higher on the second section of LR, so it was important to try and get my score for the first section up to the score for the second section before test day.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • salmabrkt19salmabrkt19 Monthly Member
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I think I will mix it up and take a couple of full-length and a couple of 3 section ones, maybe a full-length one every other day. Thanks again!!!

  • wheelysmizzwheelysmizz Alum Member
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    Is there a way to set a PT to be 3 section?

  • salmabrkt19salmabrkt19 Monthly Member
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    I remember seeing some sort of thread about using the “convert” tool somewhere, but I think 7sage is still working on trying to work out the converter for those taking the FLEX. #help

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