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Taking the Nov 2020 LSAT but I want to apply ED (Nov 15th deadline) to my top school- HELP?!

gigi_m1308gigi_m1308 Alum Member
edited July 2020 in Law School Admissions 149 karma

Okay someone PLEASE help me. So I am planning on taking the November 14th LSAT (just under 4 months from now) but I have heard that it is beneficial to apply early decision to my #1 school if I want a better chance of being accepted. The problem is, the ED application deadline for my school is November 15th.

-Do you think it is wise to apply to a school, just to be considered ED, even before receiving my score? If not, should I plan to take the October LSAT instead? My BR score is right where I want to be but I have yet to get there in the timed PT. OR, should I just plan on taking the November LSAT and apply in December when I get my score? If I do this, will it hurt my chances of admission because it is not considered Early Decision? My schools is not in the T50 so I don't know if that helps me really.
I really need help so I would appreciate any input at all. Thank you guys!!!


  • Divide your studies between working on your problem areas un-timed and drilling question sets under time pressure. Really focus on picking up the "easy" points by fool-proofing LG. Hone your time-saving strategies and tactics (PM me and I'll happily give you what worked for me!) and work on mental endurance. If you are scoring at your target by the time the October LSAT registation deadline rolls around then register. Otherwise, hold off until you are ready.

    I believe an LSAT in the 75th percentile with a regular decision application will get you better results than a median LSAT early decision app will.

  • gigi_m1308gigi_m1308 Alum Member
    149 karma

    @99thPercentileOrDieTryin this is extremely helpful, thank you!! I figured it would be better to hold off until November if I wasn't scoring how I wanted to on PT's. I know that time is what is holding me back from reaching my BR score so I will focus on that and hopefully improve enough in time for the October one. Even if I wait until December to apply, roughly around when I would get my November score back, I think that is early enough to still have a good chance.

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