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Admissions/Retake after July Disappointment

averym17averym17 Alum Member
edited July 2020 in July 2020 LSAT 24 karma

Hi all, posting for advice on admissions and LSAT retake. I signed up for June and July tests, scored a 166 on June and was disappointed to get back a 165 on July today. I really had hoped for at least a 168 on July, but here we are.

My question at this point is whether I should keep studying and take one more time in October and apply as soon as those scores come back or if I should apply with my 166 on first day applications open and retake in October once I have already applied? I know that I can get at least into that high 160s range from PTs and I have been consistently BRing 173-174 on my PTs before July. For reference, I have above a 4.0 GPA and solid resumé and would really like to shoot for T14 (maybe with at least a partial scholarship) or a little lower ranked with full ride.

Application time
  1. Apply before or after October test?23 votes
    1. Before
    2. After
    3. Don’t retake the LSAT in October you idiot


  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
    3442 karma

    If you want T14 with scholarship, I don't think you should apply until you have a 170+ score. If you are PTing in the high 160s I don't think that's enough for your goal. The lowest T14 medians are 169.

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Yearly Member Sage Tutor
    3189 karma

    4.0 is nice. T14 WITH scholarship though, i think you need to be at a schools median, because 4.0 should get you some money.

    Also, lowest t14 medians are 168 but they SHOULD be 169 going up this year I think. Up to you.

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