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Reading Comprehension Vocabulary

pfjddreampfjddream Free Trial Member
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I am having trouble with the vocabulary especially for the RC section where questions ask for how the author feels about something, author's tone etc. I find that the answer choices contain words that I am don't know so I am not able to eliminate a lot of the choices.

Do you know of a resource I could use or a list of such words somewhere that I can study from? Or if someone has made a list of these words and would be willing to share :)



  • LSATman1LSATman1 Alum Member
    386 karma
    I suggest making a list of words you have trouble with as you review RC questions and then memorize the definitions. Update the list whenever you come across new words.
  • emli1000emli1000 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
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    Sometimes the author's opinion is subtle. So you may need to pay attention to details as well.
  • blah170blahblah170blah Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Make flash cards for the tone/opinion answer choices where one side contains the word and the other side contains a definition and example of the word. For example, let's say the answer choice is "qualified admiration." The on one side you'd have "qualified admiration," and then on the back something like, "mostly admires the efforts of someone/something but still thinks there is room for improvement" and then provide an example.

    I'm not sure what your vocabulary level is but my guess is that you know enough of the words to read a passage and understand what is going on, even if you don't know a good chunk of the words. Consider that an asset. What that means is you don't have to waste time focusing on the definition of words but think about it's structural positioning.

    EX: Omg, this guy is talking a lot of nonesense about riddled basins. I have no idea what any of this language means = is this a thesis, counterpoint, definition, example? What is the purpose of providing all of this scientific jargon?

    Being able to answer those questions is going to be crucial to doing well on RC. It is not a vocabulary test (so yay!) :)
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