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Can I do a section alone instead of a whole PT on 7sage??

legallybrown402legallybrown402 Alum Member
in General 14 karma

Sorry I am new to all of this, i can't see a way to just do one section it always seems to make you do the whole test, can I do only one section on here?


  • Legally Dark BlondeLegally Dark Blonde Alum Member
    420 karma

    Hi there! Yes, you can. In the top right corner under resources, click problem sets. From there you can add questions or sections to your shopping chart. Then you can drill what you put in your cart. I hope this helps!

  • rachieoda17rachieoda17 Alum Member
    19 karma

    You can make a problem set with whatever set of questions you want! That's how I do 1 section at a time. There may be other ways.

  • LivinLaVidaLSATLivinLaVidaLSAT Alum Member
    416 karma

    Here are instructions.

    However, I just wasted about 20 minutes of my life trying to create 1 timed section because the the page was freezing and non-responsive. I gave up. Going to do the timed section on another course.

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