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To Cancel or Not to Cancel

I took the LSAT today and I realized that I misdiagrammed one of the games entirely. It could be the case that I still got a couple of them right, but I am trying to decide whether I cancel my score or not.

I have a 169 from the July LSAT, and I was hoping to submit applications after receiving this score back. I am worried that if I missed all the questions from one game, I might not get a score higher than 169. I want a score in the 170's. If I cancel my score or if I get a score at or below 169, and take again in November (October deadline has passed), I worry about my application being turned in a month and a half later than when I had planned to turn it in. I also worry about committees seeing that I took the test three times in one year.

Any advice is welcome!


  • cmwilliams585cmwilliams585 Alum Member
    edited September 2020 110 karma

    I would keep the score - you never know how the curve will end up or if you got lucky on a few questions! I think November still puts you in a good position and isn't considered late, if you're worried I'd just prepare the other parts of your application before getting your score back so you are ready to submit soon after getting the November score if you have to take that! Also from everything I've read taking the test at least 2-3 times is the new normal – don't worry about having 3 takes at all!

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