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Font and display format on FLEX

SufficientConditionSufficientCondition Alum Member
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Just wondering if any 7sagers have taken the test, whether the font was any different from simulations or if navigating was at all breezy or confounding. During my one in-person test, reflections from lights on the pad were distracting, I found highlighting harder, and navigating could take multiple screen presses. Thanks!

While taking LSAT Flex
  1. My proctor was distracting8 votes
    1. I had technical Issues
    2. Moving between questions was slower than on digital PTs
    3. highlighting errors occurred
    4. Something else happened
    5. It was breezy!


  • karko2525karko2525 Alum Member
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    Hi! I took the August flex and everything looked exactly the same as the preptests on Lawhub. If you have been taking all of your PTs on 7sage, I would recommend taking some PTs on Lawhub when you get closer to the exam so you can familiarize yourself with the format and font. There are slight differences, but I did not find the switch over to be difficult (from 7 sage PTs to Lawhub). Your flex exam will launch from your Lawhub account btw!

    As for Proctoru, I personally did not have any problems with my proctor besides one connection issue during the LR section, but my proctor fixed it right away. No interruptions for the rest of the exam. However, I have seen a ton of other users complain about their experiences so it's worth noting that there will likely be some technical issues on test day :/

  • SufficientConditionSufficientCondition Alum Member
    311 karma

    Thank you!

  • 414 karma

    It was breezy for 99% of the time. My internet did disconnect two times, but each came back within 10 seconds and I was not super distracted by it.

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