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Layout of the actual test

Auran BucklesAuran Buckles Member
edited September 2013 in General 34 karma
What does the actual test look like? Is it three staples in the middle and you open it up like a book? Do the layouts of the sections look just like the preptests (one LG on each page, each RC occupies two pages, etc)?

Also, is the RC passage on the left hand side while all the questions are to the right of it? I usually have only ~1-2 mins to spare on RC so I'd really like to know if I have to keep flipping pages if the questions refer to a specific part of the passage.

If someone can give a detailed description that would help a lot for those of us trying to simulate the real test during PTs. The more detailed the better! Thanks in advance.


  • Jason BorerJason Borer Member
    24 karma
    Yes to all of your questions except one LG occupies 2 pages nowadays, with the stimulus and 1 question on 1 page, the other 4-6 questions on the next page, and an ocean of white space underneath
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