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AC during the LSAT Flex

tuuliacandidotuuliacandido Legacy Member

I have a portable AC Unit in my room and was wondering if anyone had any problems with having a portable Ac unit allowed during the flex. It gets really hot in my house and need the AC on to focus but when I emailed LSAC they said they don't allow fans because they can make noise, does anyone know if they wont allow an AC unit? Is every LSAT proctor different? I am just really nervous about them making me turn off the unit the day of the test. Any advice?


  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    2054 karma

    I do not know exactly what you mean by a portable AC unit but I would think that if it is on the other side of the room and not very noisy they will hardly notice or comment. That would be my assumption. Worst case they will ask you to remove it from the room during set-up, right?

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    2054 karma

    Also, testing in a miserably hot location is hardly fair when normal testing sites are climate controlled in most cases.

  • tuuliacandidotuuliacandido Legacy Member
    edited September 2020 23 karma

    Yeah thats how I feel:/ It just sounds like background noise but they don't allow fans so Im worried and have to tried to call LSAC but their wait times take forever. I did get the waiver for a testing at a hotel but I almost feel like that is more risky because of wifi, noise, and other factors.

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