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How to move from the high 160s to 170s?

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Hi! I've been studying for about four months now and have managed to increase from 160 to 168. I was stuck in the low 160s for a while and last month made a 165 twice. Then last week and this week I made a 168 in exams from the 80s-- I can't believe it!

My goal score is a 170+. I am currently registered for the November exam. Does anyone have any advice for breaking into the 170s? And for doing this in about 40 days. I also work full time so I want to make sure whatever strategies I'm using are maximizing my time. Thanks so much in advance for the advice!


  • aa4567890aa4567890 Member
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    Hi! I was in a similar position as you before the August test. I took the June test and score a high 160s which was on par with my practice score but got to the 170+ after the August test in about 2 months. My biggest recommendations would be for about 20 days to focus more on drilling. In particular, I drilled a lot of logic games since that was the section I was worst at and the one that was the easiest to get better at. However, you can customize for whatever section you need emphasis on and for 4-5 days of the week focus on that section and with the remaining days do drills on the other two to keep skills fresh. For the other 20 days, I'd recommend committing to doing as many full flex practice tests as possible and at least doing timed sections every day with blind review.

    General tips for LG
    -practice and keep calm for hard ones

    General tips for LR
    -As you read the prompt, think of rebuttals or weaknesses as you read. A lot of times you'll be able to predict the answer

    General tips for RC
    -after each paragraph see if you can summarize it in your head in one sentence to make sure you fully comprehend everything.

    Also doing things like eating healthy, getting 8 hours of sleep etc. helps a lot too!

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    @aa4567890 thank you so much! Congrats on your score!

  • prepedonlineprepedonline Free Trial Member
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    Only you understand better your weak points, as you told , 40 days are left so you have to divide your strategy in two partition. half of 40 days you have to focus only on the topics in which you felt you are weak and rest half days for revised of your all syllabus. I think this strategy will help you to achieve your goal.

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