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Question about November LSAT!!! Please Help

Elley SmithElley Smith Monthly Member
edited September 2020 in General 20 karma

I probably sound dumb, but I am new to this so please don't judge. I thought that the November LSAT would be taken online just like the August and October LSAT's, but when I registered for the November LSAT, it made me choose a testing location. Why is this? Am I having to take it in person? I am very confused and would love any and all explanations or information y'all might have. Thank you so much.


  • Sam LeaderSam Leader Alum Member
    15 karma

    You're right in that it is online, go ahead and register as normal. Afterward, if you log in to your LSAC, you will notice a statement stating it is the Flex and that you will need to confirm the change, or choose a credit for a later testing date.

  • Elley SmithElley Smith Monthly Member
    20 karma

    I knew I was missing something! I don't know how I completely missed that! I found it and confirmed. Thank you so much for your help :)

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