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Looking for study partners in high 150s hoping to break 165+ in January 2021

brendan6brendan6 Monthly Member

Hello 7Sagers,

I have seen a couple of January study groups but haven’t had any luck so far. I am looking for a couple study partners who are currently scoring in the high 150s hoping to break 165+ in January. Right now, I am taking one PT a week, taking a full day to blind review, and working through what I have left of the CC.

I am mostly looking for people who would want to talk through strategy, work through the harder questions and help keep each other accountable to our study schedules.

If this interests you, please drop your email below. Thanks!


  • hopefullinghopefulling Alum Member
    edited October 2020 905 karma
    I'm taking 2-3 PTs a week though and I've finished the CC. But, it might still be possible to coordinate ?? Not sure, though.

  • wenxusunchwenxusunch Alum Member
    47 karma

    Hey not sure if I'm too late or not but I'd love to join the study group. I'm currently scoring around 157 to 159 and looking to break 165 in Jan. My email is looking forward to hearing from you

  • BRorBustBRorBust Alum Member
    39 karma

    I'd like to join, same goal for Jan. Email is

  • jpve76jpve76 Alum Member
    14 karma

    I'm pretty much in this same boat as well score wise. I take about 1 PT a week and then review it thoroughly, and try to drill in between weak points that I identified from the previous week's test. My email is Look forward to hearing from you!

  • bellahyeon14bellahyeon14 Alum Member
    256 karma

    I would like to join the study group, if that's possible.
    I've finished the LG cc and am almost done with LR and RC cc.
    My email is

  • A.BilenkeyA.Bilenkey Alum Member
    143 karma

    Hi there! I finished the CC in September, and have been PT-ing around 157-161 with the goal score of 162-165. I am taking the November-Flex and depending on my score I may write again in January. In which case, I would be interested in connecting with other people scoring in a similar range with a similar goal score and test date. My email is

  • matipaemutotimatipaemutoti Member
    1 karma

    I would be happy to join too! Email:

  • diana_1214diana_1214 Member
    67 karma

    Here’s another January Group:

  • ishwar97ishwar97 Alum Member
    16 karma

    I'd like to join please. My id is

  • emmorensemmorens Monthly Member
    edited November 2020 1470 karma

    Email is I have the same goal and am really good at holding myself accountable to study so I think we could work well together. Also taking the test in Jan.

  • mmcampbymmcampby Monthly Member
    24 karma

    Is it still possible to join this group? If so my email is


  • RyangoparRyangopar Alum Member
    7 karma

    Have the same goal myself. If its still possible to join my email is

    Thank you.

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