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Headphones on LSAT Writing

So I didn't read the instructions on the writing section and I was wearing headphones the entire thing. My webcam mic is really bad so I thought that I could use my headphone mic instead. Just realized today that it isn't allowed. Anyone have experience with this/ will they definitely cancel it? And if so, will I be able to retake it and if needed, cancel my score once the proper submission goes through?


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    i think they will probably cancel it (headphones are prohibited: and you'll need to retake the writing portion. but don't stress about it too much. the writing portion isn't a huge deal (unless you don't have one on your file and you absolutely need it in order to see your score for a multiple-choice lsat that you took).

    there really isn't a "cancel" option for the writing sample. you can retake it and lsac will just replace your old one with the most recent one. if you were talking about the multiple-choice section of the exam, this portion of the exam is separate and will not have an impact on your writing sample, and vice versa. though, you'll need at least 1 writing sample on file to be able to see your score for the multiple-choice exam that you took.

    you should call lsac and explain your situation. if they tell you to re-take it, ask how you can expedite the process. re-doing the writing as soon as you can will be faster than re-doing the writing after waiting until you find out that your writing sample is denied.

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