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LSAT Flex Glitch

Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds Alum Member Sage
edited November 2020 in November 2020 LSAT 952 karma

So I'm about halfway through my RC section, when my screen goes completely blank. I'm thinking "what just happened?". I reach out to my proctor -- they say something along the lines of "just reconnect". I refresh the page and it reconnects. I've lost time. I ask my proctor for time back and they shoot back "continue".

I try to collect myself and deal with the situation. A few minutes later, my proctor interrupts me saying they need to take control of my computer to reconnect the video. This takes a while. Once again, time ticks away and I don't get it back. This was my 2nd section. I was absolutely shook. I barely finished on time and had to guess on questions. As you can imagine, the 3rd/next section didn't go so well.

I've already filed a complaint with LSAC. Does anyone know what they usually offer as a remedy? I took the test a while ago (May 2019) and I've been studying for months. Would score preview be on the table despite having taken the regular LSAT before? If push comes to shove, I can take it in January. Obviously not ideal, but I still have plenty of material and PTs. Please advise.


  • Jgill1121Jgill1121 Monthly Member
    20 karma

    happened to me too omg. not sure if i should file a complaint? tomorrows the last day i know it affected my score and i definately did worse than i would have otherwise but i also don't want to wait to recieve my score since they put a hold on it and i need my score to decide if i should do dec lsat

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