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How do Law Schools View a Score Cancel

Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds Alum Member Sage
edited November 2020 in Law School Admissions 952 karma

Because of technical difficulties and a terrible ProctorU experience on the November Flex, I decided to accept a voucher from LSAC and retake in January. This means that my score has been canceled and the cancelation will be visible to law schools. Any idea on how schools view a situation like this? Will my situation require an addendum?


  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
    3481 karma

    I would write an addendum for this because it was out of your control.

  • dustin13dustin13 Monthly Member
    324 karma

    I will be doing the same. I really can't imagine why they would care about anything but the score you eventually receive.

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