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Serious Study buddy 165+

ZlawyeredZlawyered Member
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I am seeking a serious study partner for the January LSAT. I know there have been several posts about study buddy, however as a high school teacher, I understand that certain peoples learning styles do not correspond with others. So I would like to give a little background about myself, as well as how I study, so I can find a compatible partner. I have been studying for the LSAT for a year and a half now, on and off in the beginning, however rigorously since February. I initially took the LSAT in January and scored a 149 (pathetic, trust me, i know). I decided to purchase 7 Sage afterwards and really commit to this test (best decision I made). I have completed the CC curriculum, take every practice set for LR problems (yes I know there are over 20 problem sets for flaw and I have done them all), read Loophole by Ellen Cassidy, and taken over 30 PT's. I misused a lot of the PT's in the beginning by using the 80's for drilling since my rational was to take the March LSAT, however I severely underestimated this test in the beginning stages of my studies. I work FT as a high school teacher, however I still study approximately 5-6 hours per day (3 hrs in the morning and 3 hours after work, plus Saturday and Sunday). I approach this test in a very methodical way and follow the CC to a T. I ALWAYS am trying to understand the central logic of the stimulus and right/wrong answer choices. For example, I once spent over an hour on a really tough necessary assumption because I did not understand it and I was too stubborn to move on without fully grasping the reasoning behind the answer. The reason I mention this is because I know there are a lot of people out there who have skimmed through the CC or completed some of the problem sets, using mainly their intuition when approaching questions. If that is your style, great, however we will not get the most out of each other, and it's probably best you find someone who thinks/rationalizes the way you do. I would like to meet at least 2 times per week to BR LR and RC. We can choose PT's to take on our own and then come together to BR the answers and bounce ideas/concepts off one another. Also, this is very important, I would like to focus STRICTLY on LR and RC. I have masted LG already and I do not want to waste time on that section. Plus, I have learned that the foolproof method is better than any expensive tutor or study partner.
If you think you we would be a compatible match for the next 2 months, please send me a message and include a little history about your experience with he LSAT.
Score averages-
LR -2/-4
LG -0/-1
RC -6/-10



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