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I’ve studied 1200 hours for the lsat [CLOSED]

learn2skipQslearn2skipQs Member
edited December 2020 in General 730 karma

Over the course of years on and off with school full time & working Part time 80% of this period I’ve Meticulously documented 1200 hours of study. Most of it has been untimed or practice tests with no review. ( started to Br months after I found 7sage)

Started at 135. Stuck around 149-152 now (160+ br)
I think timing is an issue but any advice for breaking 160 timed ?...started pt phase recently .


  • learn2skipQslearn2skipQs Member
    730 karma

    @"ashley.tien" thanks I’m interested.

  • kkole444kkole444 Alum Member
    1687 karma

    Hello, I can relate. I started at 142, a year ago and now in my recent 4 exams have score (timed) 167, 163, 167, 163. With most of the variation coming from the curve of the exams. What i mean is from both 163's compared to the 167's was a difference of 3 questions. The things that broke me in to the 160's and I was like, ohhhhhh, is going -0/-1 in logic games. This had a dual effect when it came to my score. First it took the pressure off of my other sections made me relax, and then I could think clearer. Second was that games became my 'relaxing' time during the exam, well as much at taking the LSAT can be, I knew I could complete all the games with accuracy, so the stress of not knowing what to expect went away, and that is when I've consistently been scoring in the 160+. what I did for games was put a lot of them into a practice set, even ones that I have done once but don't remember and put enough in to make that one section last an entire lsat test so like 17ish games and they would all be harder and the ones I was not the best at. Then I BR'd them all until I did it perfectly, by the time that happened I could make almost all the inferences JY did and I was confident in my set ups and picking answer choices W/O checking my work. I would also screen shot all the stem and rules that I did not make an inference and review those until it was second nature. over the last 4 exams my average wrong for LG is 1. Lastly take a break and stop what you're doing when you're not in the mood, and you know when that is. I use to just work through it because of my personality, but just pushing through was making me regress in score, now when I'm not 'feeling' it I stop LSAT for the day and do something else and resume the next.
    Best of luck, I have been there and it does get better,

  • This_is_HardThis_is_Hard Alum Member
    edited December 2020 815 karma

    Wow I was expecting much better returns for 1200 hours. What a downer :neutral:

    Thanks for being honest, hope the people far better than me here give you some solid advice. I will say, The Loop Hole is a pretty good book for Logical Reasoning.

  • learn2skipQslearn2skipQs Member
    730 karma

    Thanks a lot 4 the responses guys @kkole444 & @This_is_Hard

  • learn2skipQslearn2skipQs Member
    730 karma

    I think I need to just have a practice test phase w/ BR & work on LG thanks all

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