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Group Chat/Study Group for LSAT Prep for Late 2021

erinwadgeerinwadge Member
edited February 2021 in Study Groups 42 karma

Hi! I wanted to see if anyone wanted to create a group chat on WhatsApp or GroupMe or something to just keep each other accountable/talk about our studying? I am planning on taking in August or September and have only done light studying in the past, but now am getting more intense in my studying. My diagnostic was in the 150s and my goal score is in the mid to high 160s if that puts into perspective my goals, but I think it would be even neater to have this chat have people with diverse goals and scoring.

Either message me or reply to this forum and we can work out a way to create a chat!

(EDIT: A GroupMe has been formed! I've been DMing the link to everyone saying they want to join, if i missed you or if you would like to join as well here it is:


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