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Paranoid about LSAC photo submission?

searsvmsearsvm Monthly Member

So previously I've used the same picture of myself that looks the same as I do most of the time, with no facial hair. However, since this is my third and last LSAT I'm taking (January 2021), I decided to grow a playoffs beard exactly one month before the test date. I can't find an option to upload a new pic, so I was wondering if anyone knew if LSAC would be fun haters like they usually are and decide that I don't look enough like the picture/that the pic isn't recent enough. I'm prepared to shave it if I have to but now I like the beard and would rather not. Any thoughts?


  • TimeIsMoneyTimeIsMoney Alum Member
    495 karma

    I mean if you don't look exactly the same I wouldn't take the risk. You know LSAC will cause grief about it. On the other hand I took the test a month before I turned 21, so my ID was still from when I turned16. I look a lot older now and they didn't say anything to me. But if you can help it, I wouldn't risk that. Facial hair will grow back, the hours you put into studying just to be denied cannot lol

  • searsvmsearsvm Monthly Member
    16 karma

    @TimeIsMoney yea that’s what I was thinking, just wanted a second opinion really, thanks

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