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Anyone currently taking the law school explained courses?

karko2525karko2525 Alum Member
edited January 2021 in Law School Explained 620 karma

Hi guys, I am currently a 0L and will be starting law school in fall of 2021. I have been looking into the 7sage law school explained courses and was wondering if anyone can weigh in on the pros and cons of it? Additionally, do you find the courses helpful and what part of the course has been most helpful to you? I know it's a relatively new addition to 7sage so I wanted to get some feedback from actual students before signing up for the whole course so any thoughts would be appreciated. I just want to get my feet wet before diving into law school so I at least have a sense of what I'm getting myself into before 1L starts lolol

Law School Explained. Yay or Nay
  1. Should I enroll in law school explained?1 vote
    1. Hell yes!!!
    2. Nah. Not worth it.
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