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GRE to LSAT conversion (use current GRE score this cycle or work on LSAT for next cycle?)

I originally planned to apply to both PhDs (history, just finished a Master's with a 4.0 at UChicago) and, separately, JDs this cycle (have worked in a lot of paralegal and legal research jobs); but I made veeery slow to no progress on the LSAT, and it became clear to me by November, when I needed to focus on getting the PhD applications out the door, that it was unlikely I would reach a super competitive LSAT score for this cycle (which would be necessary given my terrible UGPA at Princeton - 2.51 10 years ago due to medical issues long since resolved). I determined to finish the PhD applications and then make a decision on whether or not it made sense to apply in January/February with my current GRE score.

I'm now at the juncture of trying to understand how my current GRE score stacks up (170 Verbal 99%, 159 Quant 69%). The ETS's GRE-to-LSAT calculator says this is equivalent to a 172 (weighting the verbal 60% and the quant 40%). But I see on 7Sage that that conversion is not necessarily followed by law school admissions and that the best indicator is the GRE percentile. However, since the GRE does not provide an overall percentile, my question is, how should I look at those two separate percentiles for the GRE verbal and quant scores and figure out what an overall percentile is roughly? Would I look at the two percentiles evenly, weighting them 50-50, or, like the ETS conversion calculator assumes, weight the verbal percentile more? And how much more?


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