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Did anyone else experience technical challenges on any of LSAT Flex Exams?

Greggy35Greggy35 Alum Member

Sat for the exam today. Spent two hours trying to get past the pre-check requirements, my audio or video feed kept “disconnecting.”

When I finally got in, I was interrupted 2 minutes into my 1st section, that my video feed disconnected. Waited 10 minutes for technicians to fix the issue. This happened two more times. Time of exam was 3:40pm. Finished at 8:30pm

I went through 9 proctors, and 8 technicians.

Anybody with a similar experience? What recourse did you or will you take?


  • msupp123msupp123 Core Member
    20 karma

    Happened to me in October. It closed out in the middle of RC saying I had no internet connection, but I could still message the proctor. Proctor got me set up again, but he made some mistake so it kept switching between windows mid-RC again. Needless to say it messed me up so I filed a complaint they cancelled my score and gave a coupon to retake.

  • chance favorschance favors Core Member
    6 karma

    Happened to me yesterday, (Mac user) First, they didn't inform me that I had to run chrome on my system, then after about 3 techs and 2 proctors I finally got into the test only to be interrupted with the time running that I could not talk to myself (I was able to regain my flow luckily). This is my second test and the first was way smoother. I think that it will get better as they go, but definitely different workers on the other side yesterday.

  • Greggy35Greggy35 Alum Member
    68 karma

    @msupp123 how early did you complain?

  • Greggy35Greggy35 Alum Member
    68 karma

    @"chance favors" so chrome worked for you? I usually use Firefox, but at the systems check, Mozilla couldn’t recognize my equipment so I ended up using chrome. My feed kept disconnecting until one of the technicians decided to use Firefox. After that there were no interruptions.

  • nicole___dnicole___d Member
    38 karma

    yes, i ended up starting my exam an hour later.

  • edsaintsedsaints Member
    14 karma

    Ive been trying to get it to work all day, test time was at 11:40, still have not started. I had to switch computers and now have a bunch of other issues. I came on here to see if anyone else had issues.

  • whatamidoingherewhatamidoinghere Core Member
    25 karma

    This happened to me today. It was going okay until the last section, then my screen kept freezing. My proctor was like "I don't know why that's happening." I wasn't able to finish the section because of technical issues. I guess I'll file a complaint?

  • faulknerfaulkner Member
    21 karma

    happened to me too! got booted 6 or 7 times from my exam, the last time for ~10 minutes.

  • rcohen98rcohen98 Member
    edited January 2021 35 karma

    Mine kept disconnecting and then giving me new proctors. I was also switched over to a technician once or twice. I had to re-login to ProctorU multiple times to get into the test. I lost some time for LG and RC. Main problem was during LG last two games, and I had to guess on quite a few for the last two games as I was constantly disconnected during that time. Don’t think I’ll try to cancel and retake because the other sessions weren't interrupted as much and I don’t wanna go through it again right now.

  • TimeIsMoneyTimeIsMoney Member
    495 karma

    I took the July Flex. It was a headache. It started out smooth and my check in and everything went great. I went to my grandparents house because they had blazing fast wifi. Still, 5 mins into my first section, reading of course, i got disconnected. The clock kept going and I lost time. After that, I was worried the whole time it was going to happen again. It stressed me out and I am sure cost me a decent amount of points

  • This_is_HardThis_is_Hard Alum Member
    815 karma

    I bought a 50ft ethernet cable to have a wired connection. Things get wonky when people take control of your computer and access your webcam. Also, I'd recommend a pretty good laptop/computer. If you got a cheap $200 to 300 dollar one and a bad internet connection, bad things are bound to happen.

  • edited January 2021 74 karma

    Happened to me today. I was scheduled for 3:40pm but didn't start until almost 6pm. 2 proctors and 6 technicians. I went through technician after technician on ProctorU, trying to change my settings and figure out how to get to my test. I had to call LSAC because ProctorU could not find my test. Went into my account and there was no record of a January test. ProctorU told me to call LSAC because they didn't know what else to do. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to do the test. I called LSAC and someone said they don't know what to do and that they need to get a supervisor. They accidentally hung up on me. I called back and spoke to someone else who managed to help me. Eventually I was able to get in and start my test. Had to do the room check twice. Once I started the test everything seemed fine but when I was about half way through games (Section2) I had to pee. I was sitting there so long that although I tried not to drink water and went to the bathroom before, I needed to pee again. I didn't want to ask to pee because the proctor said I would have to do the checks again and the timer would keep going. RC was my last section and it was a disaster. All I could think about was the fact that I needed to pee.

  • msupp123msupp123 Core Member
    20 karma

    @gregcristobal35 said:
    @msupp123 how early did you complain?

    Sorry this is months late, but I complained immediately, called LSAC directly right after the exam. They initially said I could take it the next day during re-take session and then changed their mind and said I had to file formal complaint which if accepted would cancel my score and give me a voucher for re-take, which is what happened for me.

  • tonyahardzinskitonyahardzinski Core Member
    307 karma

    Yes!! Mine was a nightmare, or felt like it. My proctor was useless and couldn't hear me even though my mike was on. She got tech to take over, reboot, and reinstall their stuff for her. Then she made me REARRANGE my office nook in my master bedroom because apparently LSAC wants a door behind us?! They didn't care in Nov. It was so frustrating. I had to ask permission to call my husband and let him know not to come home until even later with the kids because of my later start time to the actual test. And then we had to "resecure" my room. A sh&tshow. My score is in Gods' hands now LOL

    2 karma

    Happened to me in the Feb Flex. I lost 2 minutes in the argument section. It said I was disconnected, but the clock kept going. Ofcourse I was freaking out while trying not to freak out.

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