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Necessary for sufficient vs. sufficient for necessary?

TunaSpatulaTunaSpatula Alum Member

Is there any difference between the two? If there is, could anyone give an example of how that would look?

For example:

Premise: A->B
Conclusion: B->A

I feel like the flaw here is both that it confuses a sufficient condition for being necessary, and that a necessary condition is sufficient.

Does the order of the language make a difference?


  • relawstudentrelawstudent Alum Member
    35 karma

    I have been studying this flawed reasoning question and think it could help. The argument has logical indicator from group 1 (the only) introducing sufficient condition. The SC is a vehicle with high resale value, NC is a well maintained vehicle. The mistake the argument makes is that the follow up to the first logical statement (ie. the conclusion) confuses the necessary condition for the sufficient condition. The two are just flipped and you would have to flip and negate.

    I believe the other way around (confusing the sufficient for necessary) looks similar, but it’d be great if someone could provide another practice question. I feel like this question was a little too cut and dry for LR. Hope this helps.

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