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Regarding the Sufficient, Necessary groups for logical indicators

NerfThisNerfThis Alum Member
in General 168 karma

So I've been memorizing all the logical indicators that were taught during the logic lessons and had a question.

In the Sufficient & Necessary Condition Cheatsheet it lists out all the main indicators.
For example, in Group 1, the lists says: any, all, every, if, the only, when, where, anyone, whenever.

This got me thinking, if 'any' & 'anyone', 'when' & 'whenever' are all indicators for a sufficient condition.
Could 'wherever' also be an indicator for a sufficient condition seeing how 'where' is already part of the list?

I know JY points out that his list of the indicators isn't a full comprehensive list, I but wanted to make sure words like 'wherever' weren't omitted for a reason.


  • annewr253annewr253 Alum Member
    439 karma

    Hey! I just finished that section as well. I believe “wherever” is considered a Sufficiency indicator.

  • NerfThisNerfThis Alum Member
    168 karma

    Thanks !
    I assumed 'wherever' wasn't included due to oversight rather than a particular reason.

  • Adam HawksAdam Hawks Alum Member
    990 karma

    Yes, wherever is just another way to say "every time."

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