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Are recent Logic Games significantly different from past logic games?

TheCourtJesterTheCourtJester Alum Member
edited January 2021 in Logic Games 144 karma

Referring to Pacifico's classic post on studying for logic games, Pacifico mentions going through LG from prep tests 1-35 repeatedly until you reach a level of mastery. Is this still a good method or are recent logic games different enough that you have to practice with sooner games?

I am just starting my LSAT journey and I am not quite sure how things are looking as of now.


  • yang9999yang9999 Alum Member
    413 karma

    I think you should be fine. With the exception of a weird stretch of "miscellaneous" games that randomly appeared between PT 65 and PT 80 (including the "virus" game), there have tended to be very few deviations in the types of games. However, some of the most recent LG sections (I'd say past PT 81) have gotten slightly harder because there are more twists being added (e.g. more sequencing with twists, more sequencing with grouping, harder ordering games that have more open-ended rules, etc). The "curve" has tended to be more forgiving on those particular PTs though (and sections tend to balance out to an average similarity in difficulty overall across PTs).

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