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So disappointed but it's time to move on :(

cmoren21cmoren21 Alum Member
in General 217 karma

Hi everyone! I received my score today and I'm so disappointed. I scored the same as in November. I'm usually a pretty confident person but after this whole LSAT journey, I have to admit it affected my confidence a lot. Even though I am not satisfied with my test results, I have taken this exam twice. It's time for me to move on from this and concentrate on making the best out of what I got. This 7sage community has been so helpful and encouraging, thank you to everyone who has responded and helped through my times of uncertainty and insecurity. I hope that you all get to live out your dreams and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


  • GracethewinnerGracethewinner Alum Member
    64 karma

    Exactly same story here! So much disappointment but it's time to move on and make good strategy.
    One of the 7sager wrote that LSAT score does not define the potential to be a great attorney in the future. Let's pick it up and rock on application.

  • rlenbergerrlenberger Alum Member
    15 karma

    I'm in the same boat! Although I improved from my October LSAT it was not by much. Good thing this test does not define us! Time to move forward and start our journey to becoming great attorneys!

  • laura_lololaura_lolo Monthly Member
    155 karma

    Same boat.....disappointed but hoping the admissions committees can look at other factors!

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    2054 karma

    Good luck all of you, this test absolutely does not determine you potential as an attorney or even as a student. Hope things turn out well for all of you.

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