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question about timing on the flex

Bhoytie30Bhoytie30 Core Member
in General 19 karma

So after you have finished one of the sections, or the 35 mins is up, does it immediately jump to the next section? Do you have to click the next section to start it like in our practice tests? Does the time immediately begin for the next section when the 35 mins is up or is there like a 1 minute window to start the next section?


  • 22 karma

    following bc this is a great question and would like to know the answer to it considering I take the Feb. administration

  • Juris_Q11Juris_Q11 Member
    80 karma

    You have about 30 seconds in between maybe a minute while proctor makes sure nothing on computer has changed

  • Juris_Q11Juris_Q11 Member
    80 karma

    And you can choose to not let the clock count down and begin the next section as well

  • tsunchauertsunchauer Core Member
    19 karma

    I took the January test and it did count down 30 seconds in between sections, however, it also timed me out of the previous section at least 30 seconds early. From what I've heard, that is not necessarily typical, but it can happen.

  • lilpinglinglilpingling Member
    638 karma

    I took it in November and I recall getting a 1 minute break between sections. You can choose to start early or you can let it run down to zero then start automatically. I used the full minute to close my eyes and refocus.

  • TheMommaBearTheMommaBear Member
    348 karma

    On the Jan Flex I had 1 minute countdown when one section ended, and before a new one began. I had the option of skipping it if I didn’t want to wait.

  • kkole444kkole444 Alum Member
    1687 karma

    In January like many here I got a minute and I used that to close my eyes and refocus/prepare for the next section.

  • sammy.burtonsammy.burton Member
    132 karma

    60 seconds between sections. You can choose to skip to the next section if you want, but I highly advise using all 60 seconds to forget about the past section and get ready for the next section. Let’s say section 1 is LG— use the 60 seconds afterwards to completely shift your brain out of LG mode and into RC/LR mode. And once you’ve finished 2 sections and you know what the last will be— spend the 60 seconds prior to section 3 just fully reminding yourself of your mindset and timing strategies for whatever section remains!

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Member
    1488 karma

    Yes, it's one minute between sections (I took October and November). Agreed, take the time :)

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