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is it a bad idea to do blind review with the same game board or should I re-do the game board

TheCourtJesterTheCourtJester Alum Member
in Logic Games 144 karma



  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
    3481 karma

    Re-do the game board

  • kkole444kkole444 Alum Member
    1687 karma

    agreed, re-do the game board!

  • yang9999yang9999 Alum Member
    413 karma

    definitely re-do the game board, because it is often highly instructive in BR to see if you missed things on the first pass.

  • LivinLaVidaLSATLivinLaVidaLSAT Alum Member
    416 karma

    Re-do the game board! It's not enough just to know how to do a game or get a question right. Compare your thought process of the redo to your timed thought process. What would you do differently. No matter how comfortable I feel with games, I'm always looking for something to take away from the games I do.

    Constantly seeking answers to these questions helped me master games:

    1. What inference did I miss the first time around and why did I miss it?
    No inference is too small/insignificant. If it was an inference that could have been made during my setup, my attitude is "I missed it! Let me think about why."

    2. Did I misread/misinterpret any rules at any time? If so, why? I've done a game here or there where the misinterpretation was so small that I didn't miss any questions. Do I ignore that? Absolutely, not. I just got lucky that time. Sometimes that tiny thing did mess me up. So I have the mindset that my job is to accurately read what's there and understand it. No exceptions. I understand the rules before I go to the questions. Spend needed time up front understanding the rules. Every now and then I encounter a rule with tricky wording. I ignore the clock and focus on understanding what it means. If I need to draw out a few hypotheticals to get that understanding, I do so. Then I go to the questions.

    3. On my boards, did I notate too much or too little? If so, why? I'm always analyzing my thought process of how I made the decisions I made. I pick it apart and learn from that.

    4. How could I have been more efficient? This includes game boards and questions. Always seeking to be more efficient- every single time I redo a game.

  • TheCourtJesterTheCourtJester Alum Member
    144 karma

    Thanks guys! This is really helpful :)

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