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LOR resubmission

qs2159qs2159 Member
edited February 2021 in Law School Admissions 342 karma

I got my LORs in Dec 2019 - I planned to apply for this 2020 cycle but decided to apply for the 2021 one instead. Should I reach out to LORs for letter resubmission? I checked my LSAC account and was not clear should I ask them to resubmit or to edit the existing one. Does anyone have an idea on this? Thank you so much for any input in advance!


  • JDream2023JDream2023 Core Member
    797 karma

    Some schools accept two years old LORs. But if you can get a new one, then by all means!

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8192 karma

    They can either replace the one that was submitted or upload a new one. The latter will require you to generate a new solicitaiton. As stated above it isn't necessary, but if you can painlessly update the letters, go for it. My strongest LOR this cycle is from 2019. I updated another LOR but only because my consultant recommended a change (I was fortunate enough to have all my recommenders provide copies).

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