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Nov. 2020 LSAT 158 to Jan. 2021 LSAT 167!

blue_spiritblue_spirit Alum Member
edited March 2021 in General 98 karma

a late celebratory post that i bumped up my score by 9 points in a short amount of time! it caused one of the schools i had already been admitted to, to increase my scholarship offer by $10,000 per year--a very real reminder that every point counts, and the lsat holds way too much power.

i had been PT-ing an average of maybe 162/163 by the nov. lsat, my first time taking the lsat, but i was nervous + holding my bladder come test day. couldn't focus. jan lsat, i felt super calm and i got lucky with an especially easy reading comp section, which is my worst section.

just throwing this out in case it gives anyone hope of increasing their score! i'd offer tips but i don't feel that great at anything other than logic games. the advice there is simple: keep fool-proofing. it really took me from ~ oct. 2019 to nov. 2020 to get consistently good where i'd miss 3 on average. my first PT, i missed 13. be in it for the long haul!


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