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Little Victories

laineyycakeslaineyycakes Member
in General 32 karma

Studying for the LSAT can be so overwhelming. I often question if I'm studying correctly, studying the right materials, kicking myself for narrowing down the answers and always seeming to pick the wrong one of the two. But today, for the first time, I answered every single LG question correctly on a practice test. Was it my best score ever? No, but that's okay. Friends, please allow yourselves the little victories. You deserve them!


  • emmorensemmorens Core Member
    1470 karma

    So true! I am the first to kick myself for not hitting my goal score each time, but try to remind myself from time to time that my diagnostic was a 142 and in retrospect I'm very proud of the progress it took to get to high 150s low 160s!

  • Glutton for the LSATGlutton for the LSAT Alum Member
    551 karma

    Slow and steady wins the race!

  • tonyahardzinskitonyahardzinski Core Member
    307 karma

    Good reminder! I started at a 136 and that was an UNTIMED test 😆 on paper format tests in the books off Amazon I easily score 155-160 but on test day back in Nov I panicked over the virtual online flex and “only” got a 150... but... coming from a 136 on my own with no tutor or class is a huge jump that I need to remind myself to be proud of ☺️Next goal is 165, so 🙏

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